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Paint Protection Film

Protect your new car with XPEL PPF

Enhanced Gloss
PPF enhances your paint by providing increased gloss and color depth. (Also available in Satin Stealth)
Self Healing
XPEL PPF is self healing meaning small scratches and swirls disappear with heat from the sun.
10 Year Warranty
XPEL Ultimate Plus & Stealth PPF are backed by a 10 year warranty.
Maintain Resale Value
PPF serves as a thick, removable, sacrificial clear coat to ensure your OEM paint is protected.

Paint Protection Film Packages

Choose from 3
  • Option one

    Partial Front

    Our partial front package covers from 18” to 24” of your vehicle’s hood surface with XPEL Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film.

    - Front Bumper
    - Partial Hood
    - Partial Fenders
    Starts at
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  • Option Two

    Full Front

    Our full front package offers the most protection for the front end of your vehicle. Also, you will not have the visible lines that you would have with a partial front package.

    - Front Bumper
    - Full Hood
    - Full Fenders
    Starts at
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  • Option Three

    Full Body Protection

    If you want to keep your new vehicle in showroom condition, full protection wrap is the best solution. Having a durable, thick, 8 mil layer of PPF over all painted surfaces offers peace of mind. This package protects the entire vehicle and is ideal for the car enthusiast.
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Preserve your car's paint.

Shielding your investment with our paint protection services is the most effective measure you can take to ensure the longevity and pristine appearance of your vehicle. Acting promptly is crucial; the longer you delay, the higher the risk of your factory paint accumulating unsightly scratches and rock chips. Picture a single pebble striking your car's bumper at highway speeds – it takes just that one moment to underscore the significance of clear bra paint protection. Postponing this essential safeguard increases the likelihood of more rock chips, making you wish you had embraced clear film paint protection sooner. For luxury vehicles, high-end sports cars, and exotics, choosing clear film paint protection is not just advisable; it's an absolute necessity

XPEL Ultimate Plus

Opt for XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS for unparalleled gloss paint protection. This cutting-edge Paint Protection Film (PPF) from XPEL represents the pinnacle of technology in its category. With advancements surpassing its predecessor, ULTIMATE PLUS boasts enhanced self-healing capabilities, superior impact resistance, and overall increased durability. Notably, the film sets new standards for optical clarity and surface smoothness compared to the previous generation. Pre-coated at the factory, XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS is ready to provide premium protection.

XPEL Stealth

For achieving the ultimate safeguard for matte finishes, turn to XPEL STEALTH. Our application of XPEL STEALTH on original matte factory paint ensures comprehensive Paint Protection Film (PPF) coverage without altering the distinctive appearance of the original finish. Moreover, we utilize XPEL STEALTH to transform a glossy car into a matte masterpiece while retaining the original factory color. Despite its matte aesthetic, XPEL STEALTH delivers the same exceptional protective features and long-term reliability as XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS.

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