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Ceramic Window Tinting

Stay cool with Ceramic Window Tint.

Interior & SKin Protection
99% UV Protection
Enhanced Comfort
Up to 98% IR Heat Rejection
Privacy & Security
Dark Shades Available
Quality & Longevity
Nationwide Lifetime Warranty

Why window tinting matters:

Window tinting is not just a cosmetic upgrade; it's a practical enhancement that brings a myriad of benefits to your driving experience. One of the primary advantages is the superior UV protection that our tints provide, shielding you and your vehicle's interior from the harmful effects of the sun's ultraviolet rays. Beyond protection, window tinting contributes to a cooler and more comfortable interior by reducing infrared heat, making your daily commute or road trip more enjoyable.

Prime CS:

For those seeking a premium tint that balances basic UV protection and enhanced privacy, Prime CS is the ideal choice. This option provides a sleek and stylish appearance while offering a level of protection against harmful UV rays. Prime CS is perfect for individuals who prioritize privacy and wish to maintain a classic tinted look without the need for extensive heat reduction.

Prime XR Black:

Step up your window tinting game with Prime XR Black, a ceramic window tint that elevates your driving experience to new heights. Offering remarkable infrared heat rejection, this option ensures that your vehicle remains cool and comfortable even in the hottest weather. Prime XR Black also comes in optically clear shades for the windshield, providing optimal performance without compromising visibility. If you're looking for an advanced tint that combines style with outstanding heat reduction, Prime XR Black is the choice for you.

Prime XR Plus:

For the ultimate in window tinting technology, Prime XR Plus is the pinnacle of comfort and protection. This ceramic window tint not only provides exceptional UV protection and infrared heat rejection but also comes with the added benefit of optically clear shades for the entire windshield. Elevate your driving experience with Prime XR Plus, a choice that caters to those who spend significant time in their vehicles and prioritize both comfort and style.
At Top Shelf Tint, we understand that every driver is unique, and that's why we offer a range of window tinting options to suit individual preferences and needs. Whether you choose Prime CS, Prime XR Black, or Prime XR Plus, rest assured that our expert technicians will deliver top-notch craftsmanship and attention to detail to ensure your complete satisfaction. Transform your vehicle with our window tinting services and experience the difference that Top Shelf Tint can make.

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