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Paint Protection Film

Stealth PPF: Style & Protection

Satin conversion with XPEL Stealth PPF.

The desire for a satin finish on the Ford Bronco led the customer to choose XPEL Stealth PPF, creating a unique and head-turning appearance. This revolutionary paint protection film not only guards against rock chips and road debris but also transforms gloss finished paint to satin.

XPEL Satin Paint Protection Film.
Beyond protection, XPEL Stealth PPF enhances the aesthetic appeal of the Bronco. The metallic flakes of the OEM paint are accentuated, creating a mesmerizing depth and richness. The satin finish not only adds a touch of exclusivity but also showcases the intricate details of the Carbonized Gray, making the Bronco stand out in any setting.

Rock chip protection.

Off-road adventures are part of the Bronco's DNA, but they can take a toll on the vehicle's exterior. XPEL Stealth PPF acts as an invisible shield, absorbing the impact of rocks and debris and preventing unsightly chips and scratches. This customer can now confidently navigate rugged terrains, knowing their Bronco's exterior is shielded from the elements.

10 year warranty peace of mind.

We understands the importance of durability and longevity. That's why the XPEL Stealth PPF comes with a 10-year warranty, providing this customer peace of mind and assurance that their investment is protected. This warranty reflects the confidence both us and XPEL have in the performance and durability of our products.

XPEL XR Plus window tint for comprehensive style and comfort.

To complete the transformation, we recommended XPEL XR Plus Window Tint for all windows. This advanced ceramic window tint not only adds privacy and style but also contributes to interior comfort. With superior heat rejection and UV protection, the Bronco's cabin remains cool and protected, creating a more enjoyable driving experience for this customer and passengers alike.

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